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Maybe the most current website about bike traveling! Many tips are waiting for you here, from information about photo equipment until recommended behavior in case of the confrontation with bears. The main part is a very active International Bicycle Travel Forum where it should be close to a wonder if you don't receive answers for your questions! [German/English]

"Again such a boring family homepage" some of of you might think. But especially the bike travel-homepage of the family Cramer is great! There are very nice travelogues and a lot of information, too. Especially the country information including many Arabic countries worth the sight. [German] is simply great! There's no other German site yet which connects such professional travelogues with photos. Be sure to subscribe the newsletter if you speak some German and you always will have the most current travelogue in your mailbox! [German]

This site - formerly known as "" - is now running with an easier recognizable name: Radventure. Continuously Tristan offers new travelogues and information about his journeys and there is no end in sight. We always exchange information and knowledge about our travels. So, if you enjoyed FietsPad, you will like that website too. [German/English]

Steven does it all! His site Faction Adventure is not only about cycing, but also about sailing, paragliding and more! [English]

"Maybe I am one of these crazy humans which can forget themselves on the endless way to the end of the world."
Sören Knoll has the gift, to speak out of a travel cyclist's soul. Everyone should have read his "Einleitung"! [German]

As the name already says this is a good linklist and search machine for cycling and traveling. Similar to Yahho!. [German]

What should I say? Beautiful photos including travelogues of the same quality. I seems Wolfgang especially has been "infected" by Namibia. [German]

At you will find a many photos from Jan Lipowski which could be used as wallpapers. Everyone who likes landscape photos is just right here! [German]

RadWAHN offers a lot of good information from a bike traveler about different European countries. As it is based on personal experience it is very interesting in a special kind. Nice photos are not missing too... [German]

Mountainbike Expedition Team

Everyone who likes it extreme is just right here. Between normal travelogues about Tunisia or Tenerife you will find travelogues about such strange regions like Mongolia or about a bike travel in Greenland! [German/English]

Trento Bike Pages

Trento Bike Pages. A portal for bicycle touring and recreational mountain biking in Europe and the Mediterranean. The main topics are reports of bicycle tours, and trail descriptions, sorted by country. There is also general information, a cycling literature and announcements of events relevant to recreational cycling. [English/German/Italian/French]

Corax, around the world by bicycle

"Corax, around the world by bicycle" - the most adventurous bike travels I've ever read. 70.000 kilometers in different journeys - most of them in Central Asia. From Afghanistan to Xinjang. Addional a great linklist. This site will impress everyone! [English/Swedish]

Betzgi's Cycle Tours

Betzgi's site offers great travelogues and photos. This site surely worth some views! [German/English]

Die Seite eines Radreisenden

Who had never dreamed about this? To get on a big journey and to settle down far away from home. That's what happened to Thomas Schleicher. The bicycle traveler's page... [German/English]

A North American Bicycle Jounrey

Maybe this is the largest online-travelogue available ever. Wade uploaded his whole 159-day-diary photos inclusive in this homepage. He writes a lot about the people he met on this experience across North America... [English]

Chuck Anderson's Cycle Tourist Homepage

Well, finally! The first bicycle traveler who understands that he's just another kind of tourist! Nice short travelogues with photos. Here you can real about the experiences of an American in Europe... [English]

Traveller's Impressions

It will take a while to click on all the destinations on Martin's world map. Biking, Hiking, Traveling - that's what this page is about. [German/English]


Bikaccess is the best database about how to travel with bicycles. You will find a lot of information about airports around the world and cyclist experiences with carriers like trains, airlines and ferries. If you have some experiences you could add your knowledge there too. [English]


Great linklist with an incredible amount of links to cycling travelogues. Easily selectable via a world map. [German/English]

Listinus Toplisten

Collection of many different websites with travelogues, many of them contain travelogues about bike journeys. Strongly recommended of you like to find new websites! Unfortunately there are many commercial websites, too.