The person who is behind this website...

Some time has passed since I've written something here. In my age I am hardly old and experienced enough, to give a biography about me at this place. Further I don't want to give you only a curriculum vitae about me.
How did I get the idea about this website and what drives me to travel by bicycle? Admit: Actually it wasn't my idea. In autumn 1997 my father had the great idea of cycling along the German Baltic coast. Just shortly before I had chosen cycling as my new hobby and so we did it. At the beginning of the autumn holidays we packed our bikes with a tend and sleeping bags and started in eastern direction. Well... we gave it up after one week because to a lot of rain and headwind but some virus kept in my head. And this virus infected me stronger and stronger while the years were passing. The distances were getting larger and larger and the temporary highlight was a journey in South America in summer 2003. And surely that wasn't the last one...

But what fascinates me so much about travelling by bicycle? Well, it is not something like a masochistic streak in me what drives me enjoy cold rain, headwind and the bumps in bad roads. There's still much positive between all these negative features: This special art how one gets known to a new country; all the small things which are impressive, the different feeling of time, the smells of a specific landscape, the community feeling when one meets other travel cyclists, the challenge as a variety to the everyday life... There's still so much what can't be explained in words.

The passed year offered some trouble for me and brought a lot of changes. One year ago I was planning for travelling around the world by bicycle. I would have never thought about that one year later it could be possible that I had moved from Hamburg to Paderborn, that I had begun training, that I'd got a driver's license, that I had bought a cell phone and that I had eaten meat the first time after 8 years.

But don't care about me. I will continue travelling by bicycle and will keep this website up to date. The way is the destination.

Sascha Normann, November 2003

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