Photos 4: Southern Cyprus and Troódos Mountains

On the Highway A9

Troódos Mountains


Cyprus? * Sun?? * 25 C???

Where is Troódos village? Down there?
No, left above in the mountains!

It is getting dark. The snow rises to 20cm

Rainy morning

Down south

Sign "forest"

Salt lake near Larnaca

Diving: It is too windy today for a boat dive and we have to search with the car for a good shore divesite

Two real heros (c...ccc..cco..cold!)

Good drink from the ground of the Mediterranean

Larnaca's Promenade

Hala Sultan Tekke

Day 11:
Lefkosia - Pano Platres
Day 12:
Pano Platres - Tourist area north of Larnaca
Day 13:
Diving at Agia Napa
Day 14:
Larnaca - Return flight to Hamburg

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