Photos 2: Northern Cyprus 1

Dumping ground - Ne Multlu Türküm Diyene?

Hum... Maybe the wrong way?

Highway to Girne


Finally a sign that tells me where to drive!

Unique Villas - Buy! Buy! Buy!

Hassan No. 32?

British inheritance: The passion for hunting

Anatolia is not far away...

Me alone with Atatürk on the road

Praising the Turkish mentality: Cellphone coverage of 100% in the whole country! Even the remotest donkey can receive it...


Hassans & Turtles Place

Shepherd dog hunting goats

Monī Apostolou Andrea

Cosy policeman's life

Cheap Appartements...

Zafer Burnu - The End - Cape Andreas

Sky bed?

Golden Beach

Day 4:
Lefkosia (South) - Kaplıca
Day 5:
Kaplıca - Golden Beach
Day 6:
Golden Beach / Zafer Burnu

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