Day 11: Back Home

"I have to get up at 6.15 in the morning because I want to get the train leaving for Koebenhavn at 7.30"

Berufsverkehr in Göteborg

Mit dem Linx 2000 nach KÝbenhavn

The journey is over - and what a great one. I've seen the breathtaking snow-covered Nordic landscapes and met people from many different countries all over the world. So this was a very impressive journey and I will come back for sure..."

Timetable today
Departure Time Arrival Time
Göteborg Olivedalsg (Tram) 07:07 Göteborg Centralstationen 07:30
Göteborg C 07:40 Koebenhavn H 11:04
Koebenhavn H 11:47 Hamburg Hbf (vespätet) ca. 17:00
Hamburg Hbf 17:41 Tornesch 18:10

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