Day 1: To Sweden

"I aborted my bike trip across Germany and took the next train back home where my free ticket for Scandinavia was waiting for me. And soon after this I started again to travel - this time to Scandinavia - just without bicycle."

On the train ferry from Germany to Rødby

"People are talking about temperatures from -20°C to -40°C. In advance I packed everything what looks like as it could hold me warm.
It's crazy. Two days ago I was shortly before to book a flight to Tunisia when my brother told me by phone that he doesn't need his valid "Scanrail"-Ticket anymore."

Timetable today
Departure Time Arrival Time
Tornesch 16:00 Pinneberg 16:06
Pinneberg 16:20 Hamburg Hbf 16:37
Hamburg Hbf 17:28 København H 21:59
København H 22:00 Malmö C 22:35
Malmö 23:10 Stockholm C 06:10

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