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A complete German travelogue
as a PDF-document is available here (5.74 MB)

Click here! 1. The arrival - First Impressions
Click here! 2. Military force? - Temples and politics
Click here! 3. A state - chaos - Bangkok
Click here! (Bildquelle: http://www.gogopattaya.com/) 4. Rolex-imitates, Gogo bars and luxury - "Shopping" in Bangkok
Click here! 5. Eagles in the henhouse, food by boat - The Khlongs and its animals
Click here! 6. Known unto god - The Bridge on the River Kwai
Click here! 7. Germans driving hard - Ayutthaya by train and bicycle
Click here! 8. About Bin Laden and the symbol of the fertility - Strange things...
Click here! 9. Clash of cultures - The return flight
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