Photos 3: Cycling Accross Korea 1

Video: Traffic in Seoul (6,55 MB)

A bus ticket teaches you how it feels so be an illiterate

Reading Korean maps while cycling isn't easy

Hotel room with beds

Bukhangang River

Chuncheon City

The weather changes...

Soyang Lake


Gongtchi tunnel

The hotel offers an "educational" TV channel...

Dead end

Rain, rain, rain...


Nerveless... Zap! Out!


Seoraksan National Park


We broke a lot of telephones by trying to call to Germany (Korea has a very frustrating telephone connection to overseas countries)

Day 5:
Seoul - Gangchon
Day 6:
Gangchon - Inje
Day 7:
Inje - Osaek
Day 8:
Seoraksan National Park

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