The turbulent return journey
"Germany? Where is that?"

Beechcraft 1900 from outside...

...and from the inner view

Mérida seen from above

Across the mountains

Passing the Paso Aguila

The airplane is too small to fly above bad weather clouds - so the pilot had to find a zig-zag route avoiding them

Caribbean beaches

It is getting dirtier - we are approaching Caracas-Maiquetía

One last night in the fast-growing city of Caracas with its people

Skyscrapers and slums close to each other - that's Caracas

MY last Latin sunset...

And less than one day later: Home Sweet Home
View at the rainy countryside of northern Germany......

Day 82:
Mérida - Caracas
Day 83:
Caracas - ...
Day 84:
... - Uetersen

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