Mérida in the Venezuelan Andes

Clean places and "tasty" advertisements...

...that's Mérida!

Finally! My first rain after...

...10 weeks!!!

Banana plantings

Venezuela is more US-American than all the other countries in South America...

A bicycle shop where it is also possible to buy baguettes and lottery coupons

The Posada Alemania in Mérida (actually owned by a Swiss guy)

The highest and longest cable car in the world above Mérida

The dusk forests

These guys would be a shame for every native from the Bolivian Andes - they're freezing!

The second highest peak of Venezuela and the only place with snow: The Pico Espejo with 4765 metres above sea level

Day 78:
Day 79:
Mérida / Monterrey
Day 80:
Mérida / Tabay
Day 81:
Mérida / Pico Espejo (4765 m)

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