Bolivia - Return to La Paz

An airplane is just approaching - but that's not reason to get hurried at Rurrenabaque Airport

Transportes Aeréos Militares

Flying over the "cliff" up to the more than 4,000 meter high Altiplano

Fly 'n cycle with Transportes Aeréos Militares

Highest international airport in the world: El Alto

View down to La Paz

The President's Palace


El Prado

Bolivian History...

Funeral for a famous Bolivian composer

Heavy weapons for the security of the president...

...and for every bank

Bird-catching in the lovely CD-Shop of Eddi Lima

Lama embryos. People use them to build them into the four corners of their houses - as talismans.

La Paz in the evening with electricity...

...and without electricity

Day 52:
Rurrenabaque -(plane)- La Paz
-Speedo not working-
Day 53:
La Paz

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