Bolivia - Rurrenabaque y la Pampa

How to use the time waiting for a delayed bus? Teach some German to the children! But they seemed to be much more impressed by the flash of my camera...

Finally! The Amazon Basin! View at Rurrenabaque from the Mirador del Gringo

Gauchos in the Pampa. With other words: Bolivian Cowboys

Guinea-pigs at the scale of shepherd dogs!

Funny yellow monkeys...

Sunset at the Pampa-Camp

Attack in the early morning...

Searching for the Anaconda...

Who's found who at first? Roberto the Anaconda or the Anaconda Roberto?


The camps regular visitor: an alligator

It would be better never to fight with the "guinea-pigs" here! (Capybaras)

National Holiday in Bolivia (Festival in San Buenaventura)

Jungle route to Brazil

Day 40:
Coroico - Caranavi
-Speedo not working-
Day 46:
Guanay - Caranavi - nightbus...
-Speedo not working-
Day 47:
...nightbus - Rurrenabaque
-Speedo not working-
Day 48:
Rurrenabaque - "Pampa"
Day 49:
Day 50:
"Pampa" - Rurrenabaque
Day 51:
Surroundings of Rurrenabaque
-Speedo not working-

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